National Parks Quilt - Clementine Kids


Butterflies have it all - beautiful colors, delicate wings, soaring through the sky. We love butterflies, and this Butterfly Collector Quilt is definitely one of our favorites. One could say this quilt has our hearts all a-flutter.

One side is covered in beautiful butterflies and fuzzy moths, and the other is a warm mustard yellow color. Clementine Kids Quilts are four layers of muslin layered in a warm but breathable quilt that is perfect for nap time, play time, picnics, and pictures. Don't limit yourself to using this quilt in a nursery only - we like to keep one on the back of our couch for snuggles.

Little Details:
Quilt measures 47" x 47"  
Made of 100% cotton muslin (it only gets softer with time)
Never bleached
Machine washable (now that's convenient!)


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