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Full Home Builds and Remodels (Project Bid)

We work with you and the builders from the ground up to provide an additional layer of support from start to finish. Want someone around to make sure your lifestyle is incorporated into every inch of your new home? We’re that someone, and we’re happy to support the project so you can sit back and relax. Since we focus on comfort, livability, and style we maximize your space to suit your family. We’re here to advocate for you as a homeowner and create environments where you want to spend your time creating memories.

Plan Review

Before contractors break ground on your dream home, you want to make sure the blueprints are impeccable. This is where White Birch Design Co. comes in. With great attention to detail, combined with an eye for the big picture, we will thoroughly review your plans, collaborating with architects and contractors along the way so you can feel confident that the end result will match your vision. Our goal is to maximize livability and to remedy any potential problems like congestion points, lack of storage or design symmetry ahead of the project’s start date. Consider us your personal advocates working to help you create a plan that compliments your lifestyle.

Custom Projects

At White Birch Design Co, we specialize in home renovation projects that make an impact. From entryways and laundry rooms to cabinets, backsplashes, countertops and flooring, our experts will transform your home from basic builder-grade into one that is truly distinctive. Whether you have a specific custom project in mind or know only that you want to add some unique touches but aren’t sure where to begin, we’re here bring the vision to life.

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